Microsoft Solutions

We facilitate a complete migration of your business to Microsoft Cloud.

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Microsoft Solutions

Empower your people to be productive and secure from anywhere with Microsoft bundles​.

We provide you with customized technology solutions to upgrade your business from legacy technologies to modern, remote, and secure computing saving you thousands of dollars and within a very short transition time.

Azure cloud

Cloud Computing Platform

We offer you a modern and completely remote workplace which empowers your team to work and have full access to your resources from anywhere and at any given time.

Using any device and with almost any operating system, you can run your virtual Windows machines.


No servers, No network, and No cables.
Just your internet connection.

Remote Access
Azure VM
Azure VM
Virtual Servers
User Mgmt.
Backup to Cloud
Big Storage
Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Bundle

Stay up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Oulook, Sharepoint and more.

We offer you Microsoft 365 bundle plus a peace of mind, thats is because we will take care of the setup and maintenance of your admin accounts, user accounts, groups, policies, etc.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Security Plans

Microsoft endpoint security plans, are designed to help organizations prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.

We will help you choose the plan that fits your business model and provide you with advanced threat protection such as antivirus, antimalware protection, ransomware mitigation, and more, together with centralized management and reporting.

Microsoft Defender
Defender for Endpoint Plan 1

Next-generation protection
Antimalware and antivirus
Attack surface reduction
Manual response actions
Centralized management
Security reports
Support for Win10, iOS, Android, & mac devices

Microsoft Defender
Defender for Endpoint Plan 2

All of the Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 capabilities, plus:
Device discovery
Device inventory
Core Defender Vulnerability Management capabilities
Threat Analytics
Automated investigation and response
Advanced hunting
Endpoint detection and response
Endpoint Attack Notifications
Support for Windows (client only) & non-Windows platforms

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